Get a Truck and a 12V portable Air Compressor

May 21, 2017 3 min read

Trucks are loved by thousands, no, millions of people all over America. In fact, it cannot be denied that trucks are the best-selling vehicles in the United States. They are not only loved, but also trusted by their loyal drivers.

And why shouldn't they be? Trucks have inspired men and women for a very long time. They have come a long way as well, starting off as a strictly utilitarian vehicle with marginal luxuries to what they have evolved to today.

Back in the day, your truck came with a bench seat and heat, you were lucky if the thing had a radio in it. They were stiff and uncomfortable and looked only good enough to get people to buy them for the farm or factory as they were mainly working vehicles.

Today's pickup trucks have all of the same luxuries as luxury cars like Mercedes and BMW and hold the same technological features like GPS, backup cameras and heated seats. Just throw your 12v air compressor in the back and you can go four-wheeling in style.

Here are a few reasons you need to buy a truck. For those who already own a truck, these are just reinforcement.

They are Powerful

Regardless of what you want to do with your truck, haul a boat, pull a tree stump or carry a load of gravel, you can do it because they pack a whole lot of power. Good luck towing a boat with a Hyundai Elantra.

The top high-horsepower trucks range from 360hp to 440hp, that is a whole lot of muscle.

You Can Tow Stuff

Like we just said, your truck is powerful and can tow whatever you need. If you are not the boating type, then buy a camper and tow it with your truck.

If you use your truck for work, you can tow a trailer and load it down however you need. Hauling is a good way to get stuff done.

Lots of Room

Compact cars have become sub-compact cars and leg room and cargo space have been further compromised. This isn't the case when it comes to many pickup trucks.

In several newer trucks, cabs have increased in size as has payload, which means you can haul more stuff and stretch your legs while doing so. There is no need suffering squished legs and lack of cargo space driving a Mini Coop when a truck gives you all the space you require.

See Better

The view is also better from the highest point. When you drive a truck, you sit above most everybody else, which gives you a better view of the world.

You will hold the ability to speak off the road when you see a traffic jam up ahead and get a better view of the traffic at the intersection you are attempting to traverse. Because you can see everything, your ride is safer.


Speaking of safety, your truck will offer a whole lot more safety features than just giving you a better view. Modern trucks are equipped with airbags throughout the cab, side impact protection, stability control and improved seat belt systems.

Ib fact, truck manufacturers are gleam improving on their safety features. A safe driver is a happy driver.

Looking Good

A truck is much more than just a mode of transportation; it is a mode of transportation that looks good. Forget the trucks of old and their stiff and ridged look, modern trucks are a sight for sore eyes.

Modern trucks are expertly designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Like luxury cars, they have wonderful curves and shiny bumpers that gleam in the sunlight.

So when you take the family up to the mountains to do some trail hopping, you will look great doing so.

Getting There in Rough Weather

Most trucks are well-equipped for driving in the snow. And while driving in the snow is probably the furthest thing from your mind in June, it will get you hard enough come December when you can't get your Hyundai Elantra out of your driveway to get to work.

You will just do what you always do and call your friend to take you to work. The friend of yours with a nice pickup truck. 

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