Pack Your Portable Air Compressor and Do Some Fall Camping

September 26, 2017 3 min read

Pack your portable and do some camping

We hate to say this, but summer is overrated. If you are a fan of camping, you may wax poetic about the heat-filled days and warm nights of July and August, but you will definitely fail to say anything about the crowds at the campground, the bugs and the smell lingering in the air because everyone is hot and sweaty.

That is not to say you shouldn't go camping in the summer, that is not our point at all. We are just suggesting that you shouldn’t put the camping gear and portable air compressor away quite yet because fall is really the best time of year to go camping.

We aren’t saying this for shock value, we do have a few really good reasons why camping in the fall is best. If you want to be honest about the best time to take the family camping, fall deserves a closer look. Here is why.




Bye Bye Bugs

Swatting mosquitos, slathering yourself in bug repellent and burning citronella candles are just a bad distant memory when you take the family camping in the fall. You can enjoy your evening meals and storytelling without the constant barrage of bugs flying in your face.

The lack of flying insects in the fall also make fishing and walks through the fall foliage much more enjoyable as well.

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Fall Foliage

Now seems like an excellent opportunity to segway into the beauty of fall foliage when camping in the fall. As the colors begin to change on the trees, the landscape at the campgrounds becomes a work of art.

Camping in the fall means you can soak up all of the reds, yellows and oranges during all of your activities. Even canoeing and trail riding over rocks and sand in your truck feel that much more special with the wonderful fall foliage in the background.

Comfort Foods

Fall camping invites campers to start simmering up those stews, soups and other comfort foods that completely disappear in the hot months of summer.

Start your mornings with a hot cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast and end your day with baked apples cooked in the campfire.




Best Camping Sites

In the summer, getting a great spot in a secluded area of the campsite was really just a pipe dream. In fact, the race was on when trying to secure any campsite. But booking a great camping spot in the fall is a whole different story.

Since the fall is off-season for most campers, you will have no problem finding prime camping locations.

No Crowds

Because other campers are done for the season and staying at home, you don’t have to deal with crowded campgrounds. This means you can fish from all of the prime spots on the lake, you have those mountain trails to yourself and you don't have to listen to neighboring campers party it up all night.

Great Sleep

Summer camping means hot tents, sweaty sleeping bags and a lot of rolling and kicking around trying to cool off enough to fall asleep. Sleeping is a lot easier to come by when camping in the cool evenings and nights of fall.

Those cool nights of fall also give you the perfect opportunity to snuggle up with your significant other or even share a sleeping bag.

Less Expensive

After Labor Day, many campgrounds drop their rates, making it less expensive to take the family camping. With the peak season behind, you can take the family camping more often without having to break the bank.

No Summer Storms

Summer might have its fair share of sunshine, but it also comes with conditions that bring sudden thunderstorms. If you are an avid camper, it is likely you have encountered a summer thunderstorm or two or six while camping in the summer.

Nothing is a bigger bummer than a downpour while on a camping trip as it can ruin the entire day. Such storms in the fall are far less likely in many parts of the country.

Big Bonfire

The cool fall temperatures are the perfect excuse to build a massive fire. A hearty fire is the surest way to keep warm while camping in the autumn.

Camping in the fall is also a great opportunity to take the pickup truck on some great trails, so don’t forget to pack your portable air compressor. If you don't have a portable air compressor, Air Armor can help, visit our website to learn more. 

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