Portable Electric Air Compressor and Bad Days

August 21, 2017 3 min read

Portable Electric Air Compressor and Bad Days

It’s a rare day when you wake up in a good mood after a restful night’s sleep ready to conquer the world. You sing in the shower, whistle while ironing your tie and feel like nothing can ruin this great state of mind you are in. But then something happens. Something happens and it totally ruins your day.

What really gets to you though is the fact that it is the little things that tend to prove disastrous, like forgetting to bring along your portable electric air compressor when you go off-roading. You are all set for a great day of driving the trails and you realize you forgot the air compressor and your day just slides downhill from there, figuratively and quite literally.

For those who wake up every day with a zest for life and ready to battle the world’s demons, you might wonder what goes wrong over the course of the day that leaves you wanting to strangle someone, hide under the covers and curse at your cat. Well, here are a few of those little things that happen that send your day into a living nightmare.

Dead Phone

You rush out of the office and into the car to spread the word to all of your peeps via Instagram about the morning's events when you discover the battery in your iPhone is dead.

That’s right, dead.

Just how are you supposed to cope the rest of the day without your smartphone? How many phone calls, texts and chats will you miss? You have an endless supply of questions and Siri can't answer them because the battery in your freaking iPhone is freaking dead.

Bad Day 1 You 0

Run Out of Hot Water

One minute you’re enjoying a hat stream of water trickling down your sudsy body and the next minute you are shivering as sheets of freezing water cascade over your body. You scream in shock and then realize you just ran out of hot water.

In a fit of rage, you barrel through the house in your towel looking for the culprit who denied you an enjoyable, relaxing hot shower. And your day is ruined as well.

Wrong Takeout Order

You have been craving sesame chicken all day long, since before breakfast even. At breakfast, you ate a stale bran muffin, while dreaming about sesame chicken, at lunch you ate a particularly badly made bologna sandwich, while thinking about sesame chicken and now that you are home from work, you order your sesame chicken for your favorite Chinese delivery restaurant.

It is only after the delivery guy has left and you peel open that cardboard container do you realize, with such horror, that they messed up your order and gave you sweet and shower tofu instead.

You slam it all on the ground and go to bed because, basically, the rest of the day is ruined.

Typo on Facebook

You post what you think is one of the most clever posts you have ever posted (Thanks to Facebook, sentences like that exist and are perfectly acceptable). However, you log in a few hours later to check and see how much love you are getting from your posse only to discover you had grossly misspelled a word and people are lighting you up for it.

Insert sad emoji right here to get point across that the rest of the day was indeed sad.

Reply All

Almost just as bad as a misspelled post on Facebook, yet just as day-destroying, is that instant you realize you hit send all in a work-related email. Depending on what you just sent, the day is ruined, or, perhaps, your entire career is down the toilet.

You are Left Hanging on a High Five

You were a part of a group at work assigned to solve a particularly difficult problem. I took some time and a whole lot of brainstorming and effort, but the team came through in the end with an excellent solution.

The boss calls a company wide meeting to congratulate the team. Everybody cheers and you turn to somebody anybody who is willing to slap your hand which is raised up and very lonely at the moment.

You raised up your hand, swung to the left, nobody there, swung to the right, nobody there; day ruined. 

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