July 22, 2019 3 min read

Our 2016 Ford Super Duty F350 has spent its life in the hot Arizona sun. UV rays do real damage to clear plastics. The Ford factory OEM lighting’s lenses don’t have the clarity they shipped with anymore.

So, we decided that it’s time for lighting replacements on the cargo light/3rd brake light, mirror lights, taillights and headlights. Not only will better visibility make our truck easier to see on those desert highways and trails, but we’ll have a much cooler monochromatic black out look.

Cargo Light | 3rd Brake Light

Reviewers appear to think highly of Recon Lighting and since it sounded so stealth for our custom black out, we decided to go with P/N 264116BK. Oddly enough, Amazon says it doesn’t fit our truck, but it does. It’s always best to check the manufacturer for compatibility info.

If you’re a novice and you want to do some lighting replacements on your Ford Super Duty, start with the cargo light/3rd brake light first. You just remove two screws, disconnect a wire harness, and spend only about 5 minutes making the swap. It’s easy as pie to customize your Ford Super Duty too!

lighting replacements on your Ford Super Duty




Mirror Lights

We’ve never been a fan of Ford’s decision to ship our Ford Super Duty F350 with amber lights on the mirrors. The style is sorely lacking. They could’ve at least opted for clear lenses with amber bulbs. Since we’re doing a black out, we decided to replace the mirror lights with LEDs under some cool smoke lenses (Recon P/N 264140BK).

Mirror Lights

Replacing the lights isn’t too difficult. Press the catch located between the mirror and the mirror housing with a thin screwdriver. But as for making the electrical connection… Honestly, it’s not fun at all. But once we got the mirror back together, we felt it was worth it! These new mirror lights look awesome.

Mirror Lights Replacement


The taillight swap Recon 264176BK LED was pretty cut-and-dry. There are just a couple bolts on each side that you need to remove. Slip the wiring harness back a bit, and add some split-loom tubing. The wiring connection is a little tedious, but it was one of the easier lighting replacements.


Taillights Replacement





Okay, the headlights were a BIG deal. We’re going to have to discuss those in another post. We’ll put a link here soon with all the details on that task.


Bad Tires: Some Unexpected Bumps in the Road

Mid-June in Arizona. No surprise that it’s HOT already. The summers here start long before the Memorial Day cookouts or June 21. While driving down the highway, our Ford Super Duty F350 developed a constant thump at highway speeds. We hoped: Maybe the truck will shake this out. We tried topping off the tires with our Specialopstools portable air compressor, but...A week later: Nope. That’s not going to happen. Off to the tire shop.

We still haven’t swapped out our 20” factory premium wheels and tires. We’re still waiting on our BDS Suspension 6” coil-over lift kit to arrive. So, our truck still has a set of Toyo A/T Open Country tires with 30,800 miles on them. They’ve been aired up with our air compressor, rotated twice and the tread is still in good shape.

Bad Tires: Some Unexpected Bumps in the Road

You can probably understand why this thump is beyond frustrating. We just needed these tires to hang on a little while longer for our project. Back at the tire shop, they discover a bubble in the right-front tire’s tread - a problem that even the best air compressor can't fix. Yes, we know. Bad news for many reasons. Most are safety related. But we were also hoping to extract some play money from these tires and wheels.

And then the hammer really drops. At first, we thought: Oh well, we can just use the spare until we can get our hands on our upgraded tires and wheels. Our Ford Super Duty F350 will just look a little funny. Temporarily. But then the tech comes over and tells us there is a bubble on the left-rear tire too.

Ford Super Duty F350 will just look a little funny

What are the odds here? Two defective Toyo tires on the same truck? And they go bad a week before we’re about to buy our 37” Toyo Trail Grapplers to put on a set of Black Rhino Arsenal wheels? Thumbs down for Toyo tires.

Next up is Painting Ford Super Duty fender badges. A dirty job.








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