Air Armor 2016 Ford Super Duty F350 Build Custom Black Out Build Project

May 09, 2019 4 min read

We bought this Ford Super Duty F350 brand new in 2016. Its the fourth identical truck. I get stuck on things sometimes.Black is the only paint color that would do. We opted for the chrome package and loved the way the chrome popped against the black. But three years later were turning this truck into a custom black out!

superduty black in dirt construction site

This is the SuperCrew cab with the Lariat Ultimate trim and the FX4 off-road package. We up-graded to Toyo Open Country tires mounted on Ford’s 20” wheels. And we added the premium interior. Even off-road, wed be riding in comfort and style.

There was no compromising on the power plant. We needed that 6.7L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel. We added the 5th wheel/gooseneck hitch prep package because we use this truck to haul. It would stand up to anything we planned to throw at it, and more!

This Ford truck was loaded. And sharp! Even after years of owning it, it still captured your attention. When you parked, locked up, and walked away, you couldnt help but turn around and admire this beautiful beast!


We’re Over It's Puny Tires

In time, you can start to lose that love. And you begin to wonder, is it time for a change? In 2017, Ford made some cosmetic changes to the Super Duty line. Then they squeezed just a little more horsepower and torque out of the 6.7L. The tires tires were smaller than we wanted, even the best air compressor wouldn't help us.

 For a little while, we were tempted to upgrade to a 2019 Ford truck. Until we saw those price tags. Whoa! Were not penny pinchers here, but come on, Ford. Seriously?

Time To Move On

So were staring at our truck one day and thinking about its future. The front end is looking so very low. And we decide its still an awesome-looking truck! Our 6.7L, with its 440 horsepower and 860 lb-ft of torque, isnt ready for retirement just yet.

 f350 superduty parked in drive with flag


At three years old, 28,000 miles on it, this trucks hardly broken in yet. Looks like we need a tire inflator before we start dreaming of the possibilities. What it could become. The adventures it still has left. The adventures that we have left! Adventures we want you to come along on!

 But first, we need to give this Ford F350 a new look. Lets get started!

 FX4 Decal Removal - Not So Bad

We love having a 4x4. But we really dont need a giant FX4 decal telling the world. With its ride height and locking hubs, people know soon enough. So we got rid of the big, fat sticker right after we got the truck.

With a little bit of patience, we were able to pull the decal off easily enough. A little Goof Off loosened the adhesive residue. And we were able to wipe it clean.

Goodbye Door Badges

The sound of this growling diesel engine makes the Power Stroke door badge unnecessary. You know this trucks a turbo diesel when it roars to life or when you push the pedal to the floor.

removing door badge superduty


These badges were the first bit of chrome wed take off this truck. But not the last! Using a plastic body filler spreader I carefully lifted the badge off of the double sided tape. Take care not to lever the edge of the badge into the paint.  After almost having a heart attack I learned that the little round hole visible in the second image is only in the adhesive.  The remaining tape pulled very cleanly off the paint.  Over the years, there was some wax build-up where the emblems had been. But a little compound, polish, and re-waxing and youd never know they were there.

Adjusting the Mirrors’

Chrome Caps

Included in Fords chrome package are these chrome caps on the side mirrors. Our plan is to get rid of all of this chrome. So we replaced them with Mirror Caps Textured Towing Pair Set of 2 for Ford F250 F350 F450 F550of of Amazon.  Ouch! $51.00 of plastic caps.  What could we do?

Removing the chrome caps went well. We just had to wedge a couple of screwdrivers under the two clips between the mirror cap and the housing. Pry a little from the top and rotate the caps off. Careful, though! A new side mirror will set you back about $400!

removing chrome mirror caps superduty


Mirror lights

The amber mirror lights looked so nice way back.  We choose the Recon 264140BK LED Mirror Smoked Lens Kit.  To remove the OEM light look at my fat finger is pointing, in between the bottom corner if your mirror and housing for the release clip. Slip a small screwdriver in, pop the clip and the light slides forward and right out.  Installing the Recon lights was easy.

replacing mirror lights 2016 superduty

Running Boards Removed

Our Ford Super Duty F350 included chrome running boards. We were able to pop those off in no time by removing the 8 bolts that hold each side tight. R.I.P. to almost all of that $1100+ Chrome Package!

superduty with running boards removed

Next: 2016 Ford Super Duty F350 Gets Electric Running Boards.

The trucks looks great less the OEM running boards.  But the step up is a little much - especially for a 5’1+¼” chick who drives this truck often. In our next post, we turn our attention to power running boards

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