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Tires Ups and Downs

The Story Of Tire Inflating

12 Volt Air Compressor and Off Road Lingo

12 Volt Air Compressor and Off Road Lingo

November 07, 2018

You have a nice four-wheel drive, a quality Specialopstools Air Armor 12v air compressor and you have read our tips for off-road driving, you are almost ready to head out on your very first trip. STOP! don't look like an idiot....know your off road lingo first!
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man inflating off road tire white truck

Tire Inflator Four Wheeling Tips

October 10, 2018

Going off-road driving isn't as easy or simple as it might sound. That is, you don't simply take your truck from the street to the dirt without preparation and a little knowledge and know-how. Here's a few tips to help you get ready.
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