Tire Inflator Air Armor M240

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Portable 12 volt tire inflator

Direct drive, high volume air pump, with a 25 foot air hose built into a legit military grade Fat 50 ammo can. Includes 27 piece tire repair kit.

    What is it?

    They say it's one of the best portable tire inflators. Airing up has never been easier thanks to the M240’s high output patented design. Instrument panel with built-in pressure gauge, extended 50% duty cycle and an unprecedented 25' hose that reaches all 4 tires of even the longest wheelbase vehicles.

    It's What's inside that counts!

    Packed in the accessory box is an arsenal of 27 tire care and repair parts which features a convenient large folding carry handle, snap tight latch, and a water resistant O-ring to keep dirt and moisture out, leaving your equipment clean, dry, and ready for action.Inside is a 12-Volt, direct drive, high volume air compressor.


    This 12-volt tire inflator is equipped with a 40mm piston and cylinder that delivers outstanding power for quick and easy tire inflation. A powerful tire inflation solution  for heavy trucks, light trucks, passenger cars, SUVs, ATVs, motorcycles, and sports balls. Great for U.S. Forest Service, and First Responders -- a must have for any Jeep,off-road, or 4x4 enthusiast. A pretty killer looking air compressor with a powerful performance.

    • Amperage: 45 amps


      Output: 2.79 cfm


      Unit Weight: 18 lbs


      Power Cord: 10 Feet


      Hose Length: 25 Feet


      Run Time: 40 minutes on 40 minutes off

      Voltage: 12


      Type: Direct drive, permanently lubricated


      Powers From: Powers from your vehicle battery


      Output:5500 Cubic Inches


      Ammo Can: Fat 50, powder coated military grade


      Unit Weight: 18 lbs.



    features of air armor m240 tire inflator

    Inflate your tires fast, and get back on the road!

    Customer Reviews

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    Dagha Boy

    In Africa we have a reputation for breaking things. I have had mine for 2 years plus and it has been used a LOT. It has been used to pump everything from ATV tyres to 6ton loader tyres. Many, many 12R22.5 truck tyres. This thing is not pampered and gets used by everybody and gets thrown on the back of a truck several times a day. When I say thrown, I mean thrown. It is well protected in the metal case and if it were not for that it would have been broken long ago like all the others before it got broken. Excellent value for money.

    Ricardo Torres
    Needed it the next day and it can through wonderfully!

    I just got it and the first day I put it in my truck I was able to help a co-worker who had a nail puncture in her truck tire. Used the tire repair plug and pumped up the tire in less than five minutes. Proved to me why I should have this great emergency tool in my truck at all times.

    Best off road compressor ever!

    I love my M240! Its so easy to carry around. I take it with me all the time! Throw it in the pickup, jeep, whatever! I frequently air down on jeep trails, so the M240 makes it easy to get aired back up and on the road at the end of the day! It airs up my 33x10.5x16 tires up from 20psi to 45-50psi (depending on how much junk I'm carrying!) In about 2-3 minutes per tire! So about 15 minutes for all 4 then off we go! I wI'll definitely buy another one as gift! Mine has been used alot in the last 2 years and has always worked flawlessly! Cant wait till they get back in stock again!

    Michael Updike
    M240 Compressor

    Air pressure gauge is inaccurate. Reads over by 6 PSI. Can it be calibrated?

    Otherwise works as expected.
    Mike Updike

    Danny Groth

    Tire Inflator Air Armor M240

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    Excellent product

    I'm so pleased with compressor the item was shipped fast and on time
    Well done!?

    air chuck lever type for tire

    Ordering was easy. Delivery was fast. Chuck works great

    Easy replacement, Very accurate

    I purchased this gauge to replace a broken gauge on my MF-1040 compressor. Screwed on with minimal effort. Gauge needle is more responsive than original and appears to be more accurate. Happy with purchase especially at this reasonable price!

    Very good service. Helpful on the phone

    Great replacement hose

    Good replacement hose for my mf1040. Quality product. Fast to ship. Fast response to order.