Portable Air Compressor and Tailgate Parties

August 25, 2017 3 min read

Portable Air Compressor and Tailgate Parties

We are in the last week of August and September is just around the corner. There is just no denying it, fall is on its way. For many, fall is the time of year we slave over piles of fallen leaves, break out our winter gear and watch football.

That’s right, the one good thing about fall is that it marks the return of our favorite sport. And when it comes to football and attending football games, nothing is better than attending a really good tailgate party.

Well, this is the year that instead of attending the tailgate party, you are going to host one. After all, you have the single most important component of a tailgate party, a pickup truck with a tailgate.

Now, this means you have to clean up your truck and pull everything out of the bed, including your toolbox, chainsaw, and portable air compressor. Wait, leave the chainsaw in case the zombie apocalypse commences just before kickoff or you need to break up a fight between die-hard fans opposing each other.

You might think that hosting a tailgate party is a rather simple affair, you throw some food and beer in the truck and off you go. But, it is not as easy as you think it might be. In fact, unless to properly plan for your tailgate party, it could wind up quite a disaster and a huge source of embarrassment for you. It could wind up being something very bad that stick with you for a very long time, like the cheap aftershave you wear.

For this reason, you need to properly plan your tailgate party to avoid being the butt-end of some really bad and inappropriate jokes.

Now pay attention because we are going to give a few tips on how to throw a proper tailgate party. You had better take notes.

Provide Plenty of Seating

Most of your guests will prefer standing for the better part of your tailgate party, but there will be those who will prefer to sit. You don't need anything fancy here, a few plastic yard chairs randomly place in the vicinity should do just fine.

Keep Them Warm

If you plan on throwing your tailgate party in during the latter part of the football season or in the north, you need to ensure your party guests stay nice and toasty warm.

This means your truck should be packed with an ample supply of blankets. There is no need to have a blanket for each individual, they can share

Menu Labels

Adults are as bad as kids when it comes to being picky about their food. There are some adults who are vegetarians, some who don’t eat gluten and some who only eat organic vegetables and fruits. Which is why you need to craft little labels around the food that explain what is in a particular dish.

Add Style

You are throwing a party, do there is the need to decorate. You can decorate your truck with team colors and logo or you can go all out with an exciting theme of your own. If you are having problems trying to determine a party theme, watch daytime television, something about party decor is sure to come up soon enough.


You will want to ensure all of your fellow partygoers have plenty of things to do to keep them occupied. These activities can be as simple as a few ring toss games to a table set up for Fantasy football and Pokemon. Whooooo!

Party Favors

Don’t let your party going friends leave without a fabulous door prize, or party favors if you will. Foam fingers make great parting gifts, as do koozies, rubber wrist bands with initials on them and customized fidget spinners.


Whether you just plan on grilling up burgers and hot dog buns or something as little less traditional like duck and tofu, make sure you prepare enough. Nobody wants to go home hungry after attending a tailgate party.

Food safety is just as important as the choice food you decide to serve. If you are not practicing food safety, you could get people sick and the guilt would fall right on your shoulders.

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