Customer reviews of Specialopstools Air Armor 12-volt portable air compressors.
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Just the exact item I was looking for. Great to find it at reasonable price.

Have used this exact model for 5 years now,

Iv used it for over 5 years on a weekly basis. From aircraft to jeeps. It works every time.

connectors are quality ones.

heavy duty connectors on both ends-I still have my old set from 20 years ago. the hose is plastic and the weak link. But it's PLASTIC

They sent me the wrong item.
I sent two letters with telling them they sent me the wrong item that I purchased the company sucks  two weeks. They suck, never buy another thing from them.

The low rating is because it too forever to get here. Ordered in July received Imodium September. Unacceptable.

This is not what I ordered
The item I ordered had a plug at the end to put in the compressor,the one you sent me is a totally different one

Air Armor M240
On the road
Best thing out there

Got one and had to get a second one!!

Air hose

Just what I needed great on time and matches the old one


Very durable works, great. Good solid package. There's up tires pretty fast Have had for a few years now . Got mine on sale for $125. Wish I would have bought 3 or 4.

Replacement air hose

I replaced this hose on my Goodyear 120 volt inflator model # i8000 and it fits and works perfectly

It’s awesome and tough!

Quality product

Replacement hose for Master Flow tire inflator is better than what the manufacturer offers and at a much better price. Delivery was prompt.

Air Armor M240
Maurice Levine
Awesome air compressor

This air compressor is packaged in a military fat-50 ammo can … it’s real heavy duty and can fit a ton of tools and stuff in the can with it… I’m galas I had it in the truck the other day because my boat fishing trip wouldn’t have happened because of a extremely low tire… thank you guys for a great product.

Forget the little yellow hose!

This hose is incredible! It allows more air to move faster to the item you are inflating. The length is great too. You will realize that you needed this length and did not know it! It is a little hard to store in the bag but's worth it! And did say it was an incredible price when compared to buying replacement yellow accordion hose when the oem becomes brittle and deteriorates?

Air Armor M240
Buddy Baxley
American made

Purchase the compressor two days before leaving on a Utah Colorado Jeep vacation. First time I use it I was impressed how fast a potable compressor worked.

Absolutely the Best

Inflates tires in a few minutes. Glad I found this!!

Had to replace the cracked yellow one....

Nice product at good price!

Air Armor M240
Jeff Secord
Air armor m240

So far good product. Works good, fills up 40” tires no problem .

No soldeing required

I managed to connect it without soldering. I simply spliced the wires.

Air Armor M240
Jack Turpin
Air armor m240

Nice covenant design works well provides all that I expected 👍



Great compressor

Fills fast. Solid design and craftsmanship. Good price point

Air Armor M240
Rudolph Rodriguez jr

Love it

Get this one

Works great. My friend has one just like it

Major upgrade over original hose which failed the first time I needed it after carrying it in camper for a few years