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Tire Inflator Air Armor M1A1


A portable 12 volt air compressor and it powers from you lighter plug!

A little on the lighter side so you can conveniently operate it from your cigarette lighter plug. Keep in the trunk of car or in back of the first responders' truck.   

For use on car, bike, motorcycle, SUV, ATV, and small truck tires.
Inflates a passenger car tire in less than 1 minute from 25-35 PSI.
1.33 Cubic foot flow rate.
16' rubber hose "M" style 1/4" quick disconnect. 
Includes lock-on ball foot air chuck
10' power cord connects the unit directly to a vehicle cigarette lighter.

When Special Ops Tools set out to build a tire inflator that would be powerful enough to inflate standard sized tires, yet small and compact enough to fit easily in smaller vehicles, it answered the call with the M1A1.  The M1A1 is a portable 12 volt air compressor that you can take with you everywhere. 

This 12 volt air compressor is built right into a powder coated ammo can with  a convenient large folding carry handle, snap tight latch, and a water resistant O-ring to keep dirt and moisture out, leaving your equipment clean, dry, and ready for action.
You defiantly want to make the M1A1 part of your standard operating equipment. It inflates tires on cars, bikes, motorcycles, RVs, SUV,s ATV,s and we won’t say small, we’ll say “light” trucks. Now, if you want to talk numbers, this compressor is a pretty light weight about 12 1/2lbs. 2200 CPM, 15 AMPS, the hose length is an ample 16 feet long and the run time is about 15 minutes before you need to give it a little R&R.
The M1A1 is compact and goes above and beyond the call of duty ...if you need to top off standard tires from 25 to 35 PSI in less than one minute!
A tire gauge is packed in along with the compressor, because what good is a tire inflator if you don't know what your pressure is? Also included are 2 spare fuses, and sports ball adapter to keep your balls ready for inspection at all times.
This unit is the "go to tire inflation system" for the  rugged person on the go.  It'll keep your vehicle in service when you need it. A great gift idea for your Military and First Responder buddies. 

For use on car, bike, motorcycle, SUV, ATV, and small truck tires.

  • Inflates a passenger car tire in less than 1 minute from 25-35 PSI.
  • 100% duty cycle for 15 minutes.
  • Built-in over pressure bleed valve to protect against pump damage.
  • 2300 cubic inches per minute flow rate.
  • 1.33 Cubic foot flow rate.
  • Max pressure 150 PSI.
  • 16' easy to coil air service hose connects to unit with a "M" style 1/4" quick release air fitting. Includes lock-on ball foot air chuck.
  • 10' power cord connects the unit directly to a vehicle cigarette lighter.
  • Includes 2 spare fuses, sports ball needle and inflatable adapter.
  • Durable, military grade ammo can keeps and protects the compressor.
  • On/off switch
  • Air pressure gauge
  • M style hose plug quick release air fitting.
  • Perforated ventilation panel to aid in cooling.
  • Unit dimension: Length 12" Height: 7.5" Wide: 6-1/8" 
  • Weight: 12 Lbs.

Hose Specifications

  • Length: 15 Feet
  • Diameter: I.D. / O.D. 5.2mm / 10.8mm
  • Color: Black
  • Type: Straight
  • Material: EPDM
  • Coupling 1: Type M Air Fitting.
  • Coupling 2: Ez Twist air chuck 
  • Working Pressure: 150 psi. @ 70°
  • Burst Pressure: 300 psi.
  • Temperature Range: -68°F + 176°F (-20c to +80c)
  • Oil resistance: limited
  • UV Stabilized: No
  • Packaging: Poly Bag

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
John Starr

Tire Inflator Air Armor M1A1

Great Product/Great Price

Tried it out for the first time early this afternoon. To my pleasant surprise, the unit worked and filled my Honda Civic from 30 lbs to 35 lbs in less than 1 minute per tire. My prior experience with tire inflators was not good and I was not expecting much. I understand that the store is all sold out and I can vouch for the reason why; this product works and for a reasonable price to boot.

John Rackham

Your fiends and neighbors will want one too. Never seen a more desirable emergency tool. Enough power to seat the bead of a new tire on to the rim. Great looking, well made, tough as they get inflator. You won't regret this purchase. Arrived quickly and well packaged.

Joseph Lech
Fast and quiet

On my first use, I was amazed at how quiet this pump is. Very well packaged, all of the included hoses and items are excellent quality and for a micro pump it is the fastest one I have ever owned. I would definitely recommend.

Great in a pinch or anytime

The packaging is phenomenal, can be sure it’s secure and ready to go when you need it.