Air Hose, 25' Rubber, Type M Fitting Free Flow Air Chuck

25’ Straight Braided Rubber Air Hose with a type M type quick connect air coupling and continuous flow, clip on commercial air chuck.  

It’s easy to coil and rated up to 300 psi. The clip on ball air chuck is the standard for tire service all over the world, connects to the schrader tire valve found on almost all tires. This hose provides a free flow of air.

M style air quick connector.
Continuous flow, ball style clip on commercial air chuck.
This air hose will work on any air compressors or hose with a Type M air connection.
Always wear gloves and eye protection.
Backed by Q Industries guaranteed customer satisfaction policy.

Length: 25 Feet
Diameter:  I.D. / O.D.  5.2mm / 10.8mm
Color: Black
Type: Straight
Material: EPDM
Coupling 1: Type Q Nitto Japan style connector.
Coupling 2: Continuous flow, clip-on tire chuck.
Working Pressure: 150 psi. @ 70°
Burst Pressure: 300 psi.
Temperature Range: -68°F + 176°F (-20c to +80c)
Oil resistance: limited
UV Stabilized: No
Packaging: Poly Bag


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Mike Hudak

    Well actually I haven’t had cause to use it yet but it looks like a much more robust product than the yellow coil that came with the pump. The yellow coil lasted a number of years but I think the heat From sitting in the car finally got to it, it just kept getting holes in it. The pump still works great and I’m very glad that I’m able to order a new hose without having to buy a whole new pump. Plus the clip that attaches to the stem will make it much easier to use than the old one

    Mike, Extreme heat or cold exposure over years can break down plastic sometimes. Glad we were able to get you fixed up so the unit could stay in service.

    g zoucha
    25' rubber air hose

    Very good quality. Perfect for Mobil air compressor application. Durable and doesn't take up very much room.

    phillip borel
    Great product! Long hose is awesom

    Bought to replace a cracked hose for vehicle pump. The new hose is 25’ long and extremely easy to use. Great buy and will reach all around a 1/2 ton truck from battery hookup

    Terry Andrews
    25’ rubber hose

    Highly recommend this hose way
    Better than the yellow coiled one.

    Sid Read
    25’ Hose Extra

    I think the compressor should come with 25’ rubber hose!!!The difference is large