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Air Hose, Nylon, 26' coil, M-Type Coupler.

Air Hose, 26 Foot, Yellow Nylon, type M air coupler, In-line armored 150 psi pressure gauge, EZ twist continuous flow air chuck and rubber leader ends.

Air compressors can generate lots of heat so we equipped this hose with rubber leaders on each end to keep the coil safe from hot cylinder head or sharp surfaces. This is a great air hose to use with aggressive high output portable air compressors. Long enough to reach. Perfect for delivering air on or off the road. The inflator end provides a constant flow of air.

  • Type M styles quick connect air fitting coupler.
  • EZ twist on continuous flow tire chuck.
  • Rubber leaders keep the yellow hose safe from being damaged by hot cylinder heads.
  • Great for truck tires, bikes or around the shop.
  • Self-coiling design for easy storage.
  • Insulated air connectors.
  • This hose can be used with other compressors using a type M style air connection. 
  • Backed by the Q Industries guaranteed customer satisfaction policy.
Yellow Hose
  • Length: 26 Feet / 9.2 meters
  • Diameter I.D. / O.D. 6 mm / 8mm
  • Color: Yellow
  • Type: Coil
  • Material: Nylon
  • Coupling 1: Spring connector
  • Coupling 2: Spring connector
  • Working Pressure: (psi.) @ 70°F 150psi.
  • Burst Pressure: (psi) 725psi.
  • Temperature Range: -104° F + 248°F (-40c to +120°C)
  • Oil resistance: limited
  • UV Stabilized: No
    Black Rubber Hose
    • Length: 25 cm / 9.8”
    • Diameter: I.D. / O.D. 5.2mm / 10.8mm
    • Color: Black
    • Type: Straight
    • Material: Natural Rubber
    • Coupling 1: Type M Quick connect air fitting
    • Coupling 2: EzTwist on air chuck 
    • Working Pressure: (psi.) @ 70°F 150 psi.
    • Burst Pressure: (psi)300 psi.
    • Temperature Range: -68° F + 176°F (-20c to +80°C)
    • Oil resistance: limited
    • UV Stabilized :No

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Raj Lohan
    Best quality

    I am very happy with the quality. I have been using the same one from past 6 years no issues.

    24' air hose

    Excellent product. Certainly reaches out there. Purchased for a portable compressor in my garage. The tire stem connector is the best as my compressor has no shut off other than power cord so can connect and disconnect tire stem with compressor running.
    The gage reads a little low so I over fill slightly then let out the excess after verifying with an accurate gage. Easier to let some out than reconnect for a second go.
    very good product.
    highly recommend.

    Ray Solorio
    Five star

    I am very happy with this hose initially my hose didn't have the gauge that lets you know on the pressure but this one does and I am very happy with it thank you very much I will be ordering again.

    Robert Rodriguez
    Better than original

    Much better than the original hose, plus having gauge near makes reading pressure a breeze

    Michael Bonomo
    Nice seams like it will work nice

    One less star should have come with pump instead of garbage one