4x4 Trucks, Off-Road Trails and Portable Air Compressors

May 20, 2017 3 min read

For many of us, we hold fond memories of our past and what was important to us. Some of you might stop and think about the mall you hung out at or the arcade where you spent countless hours playing pinball, Pac-Man and Defender.

But some people have fond memories that are based in the outdoors. Memories of driving a 4x4 on a dirt path bouncing up and down with the window wide open and the hot summer breeze slapping at your face.

Off-road recreation was important back in the day and it is just as important now. It is just as fun to pack up your gear and portable air compressor now as it was 10, 20 even 30 years ago. We live in a world where it is all too easy to overlook the little things, but there are many who see things all too clearly and realize off-road recreation is more important than ever before.

Here are a few reasons why it is so important




There is No iPhone in Off-Road

We love our cell phones just as must as the rest of you, but we refuse to let Instagram or Pinterest ruin our lives. In this age of technology, we can watch a movie on our tablet or phone while eating ribs at a local restaurant. Really, what more do some people want?

But there has to be a time to put down your devices and grab the wheel of a 4x4. It is the technology behind a Jeep, Chevy or Ford that puts you in touch with the great outdoors as opposed to a glowing, mesmerizing screen.

It’s amazing how quick you can re-connect with others and nature when you reach a spot where you have no cellular service. So just forget about the rest of the world and focus on who is in the truck with you and what is in front of you.

Peace, Quiet and Solace

Sure, off-roading isn’t a silent sport, you will be making some noise. But the noise you will be making is surely a lot better than what penetrates your ears the rest of the week. Try it; stick your head out the window once you have reached the top of that trail and let us know what you hear.

While your iPhone offers an app for this and an app for that, it can’t provide you with fresh, pine-scented air. Off-roading is the perfect excuse to get out, get moving and have some fun.

Tap Into Your Primal Self

Remember, nature is your original home. When you go off-roading, you are tapping into millions of years of DNA and releasing your inner-animal. It’s about the only time you will understand what it means to be truly alive. There isn't an app for that.




Feel Young Again

As we age, our speed slows, are reflexes aren’t as good and we need to stretch longer to ensure we don’t pull any muscles while mowing the lawn. We also discover that we don’t get quite the kick out of things we used to thoroughly enjoy, like video games and collecting comic books. The thrill of childhood is gone.

But that changes when we go off-roading. You don’t need to stretch when you get behind the wheel of your 4x4, you are as sharp as ever on the trail, driving circles around those crazy kids, and you are having the time of your life. We even heard you laugh out loud, a genuine laugh.

You are older and wiser and have honed your driving skills to the point where you can traverse that trail with perfection. In your 4x4 on the trail, you are stronger, smarter and better than those other guys.

Tomorrow May Never Come

We know of far too many people who have departed this Earth way before their time. You could be next. If you knew you only had a few short weeks to live, we imagine you would be spending that time with your family on the top of a mountain trail.

There will be a time when you go fishing for the last time, you eat a steak dinner for the last time and you drive a mountain trail for the last time. While we are pretty sure that won't be today or any time soon, no need to take a chance. After all, life is a roll of the dice.




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