An easy-to-use compressor inside an ammo can

By Joel Moranton

It seems so crazy to me that more hunters, outdoorsmen, and guys like us that actually use their trucks do not have air compressors in their rigs at all times. How often have you used the air compressor at the gas station to top off your tires or airbags? We all know half the time they do not always work. Most of the time the excuse we hear is, they have nowhere to store it without is getting destroyed. Well, now there are no more excesses. The Air Armor M240 compressor (street price around $199) can handle all of your air needs in a strong, familiar, and proven package. An air compressor inside an ammo can with everything you need storing inside the can, with no need to remove the compressor during use.


Air Armor did not just stop after building a 2.11 CFM air compressor into a steel military style ammo can. They made sure that is was just as simple to use as the design concept. The first advantage is you do not need to remove the compressor from the ammo can during use. It works inside its storage container. Just pop open the lid. The power cables are attached to the compressor at all times, and you simply pull out the 10-foot cord and use the large alligator clips to hook it to your truck’s battery. Above the air compressor is an instrument panel with the on/off switch, fuse, built-in air gauge, and “M” type ¼” air fitting. Stored next to the compressor is the 25-foot-long air hose with large, easy-to-use connectors and commercial grade lock-on ball foot air chuck. Connect the air hose at the instrument panel with other end on your truck and you are ready to go. Make sure the truck is running to get the amperage the compressor needs to run the full 2.11 CFM with a 50% duty cycle.
Also included in the M240 ammo can is a tire repair kit, 4-way tire valve tool, a 10-120 PSI dual-sided angled gauge, 5-50 PSI pencil style gauge, valve caps and valve cores. When you are done, let it cool off, wrap up the cords, close the lid, and toss it in the back of your truck. The lid has a rubber gasket to keep dust and moisture out of the kit, allowing it to be ready at all times. You can stack stuff on top of it, and it can take a hit. There are many aftermarket kits for mounting ammo cans in different ways. There is no reason not to have this M240 kit in your truck all the times.


We have been using and testing this unit for over a year now and it has replaced every other portable air compressor in our trucks. It can take a 35” tire from 15 PSI to 35 PSI in about three minutes. It has a maximum continuous operating time of 40 minutes before it needs a 20-minute break. The 12-volt motor is capable of inflating to 120 PSI with a maximum re-start pressure of 90 PSI. If you are working in summertime with the unit in the sun, it does have an overheating protection circuit that will shut off the compressor before any permanent damage is done. The full kit with all the accessories weighs 19 pounds and has room for extra tools inside the 12.75” x 7.25” x 9” case. The ammo can is powder coated inside and out for a long lasting finish.


The Air Armor M240 compressor has become the compressor we grab first every time. Its easy-to-use design allows us to get the job done faster with less setup and tear down time. The long cord and air hose allow us to fill all four tires on our long bed double cab truck with ease. The rugged ammo can case makes it super easy to store and carry anywhere. We really like the easy-to-use quick disconnect that Air Armor is using on the hose and we the lock-on air chuck allows us to walk away while filling the tires. With the built-in gauge, it is easy to get all of your tires at the correct pressure, although the built-in gauge is not 100% accurate. What we do is get the first tire to our desired pressure while checking the pressure with the included PSI gauge. Then we note what the built-in gauge reads (normally about 5-10 PSI off), and fill the rest of the tires to the noted pressure.


When traveling off-road with your truck to get to your favorite hunting spot. Air down your tires. This will give you a more comfortable ride, and save your passengers and your truck a lot of unnecessary vibration. Air down your tires to about 15-20 PSI once you hit a dirt road, and get an Air Armor M240 to fill your tires back up before you get back on the pavement. Check out for more info.